Complete COPSSE Library

COPSSE publications put you in touch with research you can use. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive synthesis of a topic, the policy implications of research findings, or a brief summary of emerging research, COPSSE documents offer users a variety of formats with which to access research on special education personnel issues.

Executive Summaries

Executive summaries provide stakeholders with a brief account of key findings and recommendations found in the Research Syntheses and Issue Briefs.

Issue Briefs

Issue Briefs synthesize literature on supply and demand, professional preparation, and certification and licensure within disciplines and/or specialization areas. Issue Briefs are available in the full length version and executive summary format.


COPSSE researchers present their research findings at national and other conferences. Handouts are available from COPSSE presentations at the following conferences:

  • Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).
  • Council for Learning Disabilities (CLD).
  • Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children (TED).
  • Pacific Coast Research Conference (PCRC).
  • Illinois Teacher Education Division (ITED).

Research Previews

In a brief two-page format, Research Previews present selected key findings as they emerge from ongoing COPSSE research. Topics include beginning teacher quality, quality preparation, and preparation alternatives.

Research Reports [Coming Soon!]

COPSSE investigations documenting the scope and complexity of preparing special education teachers have resulted in a research agenda of original studies. As COPSSE researchers prepare formal reports of their research findings, they are posted on the COPSSE web site. Check here for upcoming reports!

Research Syntheses

Research Syntheses target key topical areas in special education teacher preparation—supply and demand, professional preparation, and certification and licensure. Research Syntheses are available in the full length version and executive summary format.

Workforce Watch

Workforce Watch is a series of policy briefs that present key findings and offer research-based policy recommendations. Topics include supply and demand, teacher licensure and certification, teacher quality, quality preparation, related services, and alternative certification routes.


COPSSE produces a variety of occasional reports and documents related to the work of the center. Many of these documents provide an in-depth look at the research methodology and comprehensive planning undertaken by COPSSE researchers as they carry out their research agenda.