COPSSE produces a variety of occasional reports and documents related to the work of the center. Many of these documents provide an in-depth look at the research methodology and comprehensive planning undertaken by COPSSE researchers as they carry out their research agenda.

Date Type Title/Description Download
08/01/2007 Report

Review of Selected Physical Therapy Interventions for School Age Children with Disabilities

  • Discusses physical therapy procedural interventions and provides recommendations for application to physical therapy school-based practice as well as future research.
06/01/2007 Report

Occupational Therapy: Effective School-Based Practices within a Policy Context

  • Describes the field of school-based occupational therapy and provides an overview of current research and evidence that supports effective occupational therapy practices and interventions in schools.
10/01/2006 Report

Review of Evidence-Based Practices for Language Intervention of School-Age Children: Implications for Treatment, Research, and Personnel Preparation in Speech-Language Pathology

  • Discusses effective language intervention practices used by SLPs that lead to positive outcomes for school-age children with language disorders as well as implications for personnel preparation based on what is known about effective practices for language intervention in schools.
07/13/2005 Report

Update on the Related Services Design Panel Workó2005

  • Provides an up-to-date look at Related Services Research Design Panel activities.
06/22/2005 Report

COPSSE Abstract

  • Provides an overview of the COPSSE work.
06/21/2005 Report

Teacher Education Research Agenda

  • Overviews COPSSE research agenda that documents the scope and complexity of preparing special education personnel.
06/20/2005 Report

Alternatively and Traditionally Certified Beginning Special Educators: Do They Differ in Terms of Demographic Profile, Teaching Location, and Ratings of Self-Efficacy?

  • Describes COPSSE plan for studying special education teachers who prepared through alternative routes.
06/20/2005 Report

Alternative Route Programs in Special Education: What States Are Offering and What We Know About Them

  • Describes COPSSE research plan for studying alternative special education certification routes.
06/20/2005 Report

Cost Effectiveness of Preparation Options

  • Overviews COPSSE research plan for studying the cost effectiveness of alternative certification routes.
07/01/2004 Report

Related Services Research Agenda

  • Describes the COPSSE research agenda for related services personnel.
03/01/2004 Report

Beginning Teacher Quality

  • Overviews COPSSE research plan for studying beginning special education teacher quality.